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Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)
Financial Planning
Islamic Financial Planner
Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) Program
What is Islamic Financial Planner (IFP) certification program?
The Islamic Financial Planner certification program educates the professionals and executives of financial planning industry to be able to serve the retail segment of the Islamic financial market in a holistic manner.
What are the IFP modules?
The six modules of the IFP programme covering the Islamic financial planning components are:
Who are eligible to take the IFP Challenge Status ?
Those who qualified as CFPs, RFPs, MBA / PhD in Islamic Finance, Bachelor Degree with work experience in Islamic banking and finance are eligible to attempt the Challenge Status.
What are the syllabus for IFP Certification program ?
Please refer to Course Syllabus
Is there any advantage for the Unit Trust consultants and Takaful agents to complete the IFP certification program ?
Bank Negara Malaysia via a letter dated 1 August 2007 has endorsed IFP Module 1 and Module 2 for Takaful executives and agents.

Being certified as an Islamic Financial Planner will equip the Unit Trust consultants and Takaful agents with all the necessary knowledge to serve clients in accordance with Shariah principles
What is the duration of the IFP certification programme ?
A candidate can be certified as an IFP only after passing the M6 exam.

Like the Conventional CFP, the examinations are conducted twice a year in mid June and December. Therefore the shortest possible time for the certification is 18 months.

Modular courses will be progressively offered at IFPA - Subang Jaya Centre
How much is the total cost for completion of IFP?
Similary to CFP, RM RM 7700/- only excluding exam fee to complete the entire 6 modules.
Please refer to details on Course Fee.
Upon completing the course are we automatically recognized as a CFP in Australia?
Yes, the International CFP Council Members recognizes the CFP Certification Program conducted by FPAM and Australia is one of the council members.
How much is the exam fee ?
Exam fee is chargeable by FPAM. For details on Exam fee, please refer to Course Fee.

Are fees paid for the IFP program eligible for tax deduction?
Yes, the IFP program is an Islamic finance course to produce Islamic financial planning professionals recognized by the Securities Commission and BNM.


Is Trade membership with FPAM a requisite for the IFP examination ?
Yes, candidate must register as a Trade Member of FPAM prior to sitting for Module 1 examination. The Trade membership is RM50 @.
Is the IFP program recognized by Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia?
Yes, the IFP qualification is recognized by SC for Capital Market Services Representative’s License for financial planning and by BNM for Financial Adviser’s Representative license. The SIDC has also approved the IFP as a CPE-recognized professional qualification.
I provide financial advice professionally. Do I need a licence ?
Yes, the financial planning advisory service is a regulated industry by both the regulators; SC and BNM. Therefore application for licence is a pre-requisite.
Is the Islamic Financial Planner certification program recognized internationally ?
Both IBFIM and FPAM have intention to promote the IFP certification program internationally.
What are your class schedules ?
Please refer to Schedule
How do I enroll for the course ?
Please Download the Enrolment form
I need further clarification, how do I send the enquiries ?
Click here to send your enquiry
Where are the classes held ?
For Module 1, it will be SEGi College Subang Jaya, Selangor . For IFP Challenge Status, it will be at Kuching and Kota Kinabalu only.